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how does your "we pay your deductible program" work?

- you have over $2,000 in damages to your vehicle and have a $250 deductible.  your deductible will be waived.  in this example, that means the insurance company will send a check for the repair less $250.00 because of your deductible and we will pay your deductible!  if your deductible has been waived then we offer you a free loaner car while your vehicle is in our shop.

how can your shop save me money off my deductible?

- as one of the largest and most experienced operators of collision repair facilities in the metropolitan detroit area, our buying power allows us to purchase oem (original equipment manufacturer) parts at lower costs than other shops. in addition, our streamlined services (computerized processes) allow us to operate efficiently in a manner so we can pass on these savings to you. lastly, you get top quality work since we warranty all our repair work.


will you work with my insurance company?

- yes we work with all insurance companies.  all we need is your insurance company name and claim number.  after that we will handle everything. most insurance companies have a vested interest in referring you to one of their program shops because of discounts and rebates (see direct repair schemes).  our vested interest is to you our customer to be completely satisfied with the repair and our services!

my company has a small fleet of vehicles that always seem to be in getting in car accidents. what can you offer my company?

- we offer individualized fleet repair services for fortune 500 companies as well as companies aspiring to be one.  just contact us and we can get started offering your company a program tailored to your needs.

i have a lease turn-in.  i do not want the dealership to charge me with extraneous costs.  how can you help me?
- we are lease turn-in specialists.  after consultation with you we can either suggest an auto body repair, polish or dent removal for your vehicle. all you need to do is come in or contact us.

what is a "direct repair program"?

- a "direct repair program", (drp), is an agreement between the insurance company and a collision repair shop that lets the insurance company control most of the costs associated with your collision repair.  the repair of your vehicle by, a "drp", may compromise the resale value and safety of your vehicle.


with a "drp", the repair shop treats the insurance company as the customer.   in some cases the shop must sign an agreement not to disclose any problems to you.  repair shops such as the collision shop troy north are able to offer discounts to their customers as opposed to your insurance company.  the insurance companies get enough of your hard-earned dollars, do not let them take advantage of your vehicle repairs!

should i report my accident to my insurance company?

- this question is best answered by your insurance agent who can best advise you to file a claim.  in case you get into an accident you can download our auto accident information sheet, which can assist you.  a lot of times our customers choose not to file a claim because the cost of the repair is less than their deductible.  stop by for a free estimate and we can offer you a free consultation that can help you decide how to handle your situation the best.

do you repair or replace windshields?

- yes, we offer very competitive pricing, stop by or call and we can give you a quote.  also, we offer an array of window tinting for your vehicle.


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